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Storing a Will

Having a Will at home is the last place to keep it. All too easily it can be lost, stolen, accidentally thrown away or destroyed in some way. It may become damaged causing the Probate Office to question its validity later on.


That is why it is recommended that your Will is stored professionally – somewhere where is will be kept safe but also where it can be found and properly retrieved. Your local bank might store it for you for an annual charge, but if you move or change banks it might not be found in the future.


Your Will writer can arrange a storage and retrieval service for you. This includes certificates for keeping in your own records to show where the Will is kept, and information to pass to your Executors too so that they know independently about its location. Even if all records are lost, by using a national storage service your Will could be tracked down with a few simple phone calls.


Will Storage

So you’ve made your Will - but will it be found when it is needed?