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There is so much more to writing a Will than simply creating a list of who gets what. The home visit service includes a short review of your estate, to ensure that you understand properly what you have and what you can (and cannot) pass on through your Will – and we look at how you might leave things by other means other than your Will.


Then we consider your family and friends, and look at the options for specific legacies, for shares of the residue, and for exploiting the power of legacies given in Trust. Even where your own estate is nowhere near Inheritance Tax thresholds we can look at protecting the overall family situation from Tax, and consider the impact of Residential Care Fees and of other calls upon your money.


That’s why it is not just making a Will, it’s Estate Planning.


Finally we help you decide who to appoint as Executors and Trustees to carry the Will out for you, and to appoint Guardians to look after any children still under 18.


Don’t worry if it sounds a little daunting – we keep it as simple as possible whilst covering all the key points.


If you already have a Will then we can update it – either by creating a Codicil (an addition) to your Will or by rewriting it altogether.

Making a Will

There is so much more to writing your Will than simply creating a list of who gets what. A properly written, correctly drafted Will should ensure that everything you’ve worked hard for all your life passes to your loved ones as smoothly as possible.