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CFB Will & Probate Services

We all know that we need to write a Will - when you are ready CFB Will & Probate Services help you to do this, all carried out in the privacy and comfort of your own home.


Based in North Yorkshire (but also covering Teesside and Durham) CFB can draft simple family Wills, through to comprehensive solutions for saving Inheritance Tax and helping to protect family legacies.


We don’t just write Wills, but can also arrange help to put them into practice, removing the burden of Probate from you - no matter who wrote the Will or indeed even if there is no Will and the deceased was intestate


When thinking about your Will it is also a good idea to put Lasting Power of Attorney documents in place; these give you and your family peace of mind that if you lose your mental capacity then the people you trust can deal with your affairs.


CFB is committed to providing high quality, personal service. Please contact us today to discuss your situation in person, without obligation.


Tel: 01642 700496





Wills and Probate

Whether you want to write a Will or need help with Probate, CFB Will & Probate Services can visit you at home to provide all the help you need.